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Joanna Rozwod

Marketing Executive

Joanna Rozwod

About Joanna

I am glad to bring my creative expertise and passion for marketing to our team. I will ignite our marketing efforts and take Ignite Recruitment to new heights. I am adventurer soul and when I am not strategizing marketing campaigns or brainstorming innovative ideas, I am exploring the world as a passionate traveller and filmmaker. I love to capture moments and tell the stories through a camera lens. 📷 In Ignite I will blend my marketing expertise with love for storytelling to elevate our brand and captivate our target audience.

I am ready to set the marketing world ablaze! 🔥

​Ignite in three words:
‘’Honest, Care, Opportunity‘’

How would you describe yourself in 1 word?
(live is and adventure, and I aim to ensure best customers journey )

Favourite holiday destination?

"Polish Mountains"

Which element do you feel more attuned to?