Workshop Manager

Salary: £500000.0
Contact name: Neil Bokhoory

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Published: about 1 month ago
Workshop Manager:
  • Project Management. Manage projects with flexibility to work additional hours to ensure projects are completed on time, which may include weekends when required. Briefed in on projects by Technical Designers and Production project Managers, taking full control of the project once it enters the factory. Involved in initial project briefs to advise Technical Designers and Managers on how a product/build should be manufactured.  Brief the production team on projects to ensure production have all the information required to successfully build and deliver each project.
  • Quality Control and Assurance. Ensure that all works completed meet the high-quality standards set by the Company.
  • Communication. Communication to all departments involved in the project starting with pre-production in the form of Designers, Technical drawers, Surveyors, and Account Managers, through to all workshop staff, Logistics as well as Ink staff when there is a crossover of projects. Communication with Installations team may be required to ensure the goods are installed correctly/safely.
  • Material. To check stock levels of all materials and paints to make sure the job can be completed.
  • Job Completion & Dispatch. Responsible for the project once it has entered the factory. From reading of drawings through to build, finishing, QC and communicating to Logistics. To read through Job sheets and drawings to ensure complete understanding of the job and to communicate project requirements to each Workshop department. Responsible for checking all items are complete and that everything is handed over to dispatch.
  • Workforce Health & Safety.  Responsible in ensuring the workforce are working in a safe manner. To implement improvements in factory housekeeping and to remind staff of their duties in maintaining factory cleanliness. Act as a Quality Assurance & Health & Safety champion, promoting safety awareness and excellent housekeeping. Conduct monthly toolbox talks with members of staff to ensure Health & Safety is at the forefront of all employee’s minds
  • Product Health & Safety. To work with Head of Manufacturing, Technical draughtsmen and Project Managers collectively as a team ‘task force’ to ensure all products will be safe once installed
  • Installation. Responsible for making sure the product is ?t for installation
  • Work Scheduling. To ensure all works are completed within the time frame provided, which must be at least one day before installation. Conduct daily meetings to motivate and drive the team to meet important project deadlines and to ensure the team is well instructed in what work is required. Act quickly to inform management of problems with quality or project lead times so solutions can be found, and potential issues rectified.
  • Staff Timetable. To be in complete control of Workshop staffing hours, making sure the work is completed on time and to the quality required. To ful?l project requirements it may be necessary to request members of staff to work longer hours and to also organise weekend work. As direct line manager, you are ?rst point of contact on all questions or issues during non-working hours.
  • Staff Management/Discipline. As the factory employees direct line manager, you are responsible for making sure staff behave in the appropriate manner and abide by the companies rules and regulations. To encourage teamwork at all times whilst ensuring harmony amongst the team however able to discipline when required. Alongside the Production Supervisor, Workshop Foreman and Creative Finishing Supervisor, you must always keep staff attitude and morale positive at all times
  • Must have 10 years Joinery experience, and 5 years experience at Workshop Management level
  • Must be able to read drawings
  • Experience in a retail display or exhibition build environment is beneficial.
  • Must be a positive character who fits in to a team environment.