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The Recruiting Phenomenon

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over 1 year ago

by Anastasiia Kopan

The Recruiting Phenomenon

The ethics of recruiting agencies

What is the place of recruiting in the UK service market.
We will touch on the very important issue - "How not to become a victim of a scammer who pretends to be a recruiting consultant”

This article was born out of the many questions from job seekers, questions that we receive daily in our social networks. The most frequent ones are:
"I want to come to the UK. Can you help me to get a visa?"
"Can you find me a job quickly, it doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's work!"
"I saw a vacancy on your website. How much does it cost?".

These questions are written exactly as they are asked, and it's for good reason.
Many candidates who see a job posting on your website or Facebook groups have no idea that recruiting agencies like Ignite Recruitment Services are NOT a direct employer, but a "filter" between the candidate and the client.
At their core, recruitment agencies are outside firms whom help companies find the right candidate for open positions.

We as an agency work step-by-step by doing the following:

1. Receive a list of vacancies from companies whom work within our areas of expertise.

For example, Construction.
An ad is placed and is displayed within the resources used for the active search.
So as not to be added to a huge number of groups on Facebook and not to become a victim of fraudulent companies, subscribe to our Ignite page by clicking this link
Current vacancies are added almost daily.

2. Next, consultants interview candidates who have responded to the ad, checking them against the following criteria:

  • Eligibility to work in UK, namely a visa allowing official employment,

  • Certification for the current level of specialisation,

  • Making sure that the location/working hours are suitable for the candidate,

  • Ensure the candidate has not forgotten to obtain any boots or specialist clothing needed.

  • You can read more about what you need for a “Quick start in Construction” in this article by following the link.

  • We have already explained in detail all the nuances on this subject.

3. We are regularly present in the life of the candidate, starting from the first day of the employment, ending with regular chats to make sure that the placement is going smoothly.

If any question arises at any stage the consultant is the person who will explain and advise how to act in this or that situation.

I hope everything is clear at this stage.
Text me on my LinkedIn, if you still have a questions regarding paragrafs that we discussed with you before.

Agencies like Ignite DO NOT HAVE in their descriptions "we arrange visas" or "we arrange work contracts for people who are abroad".
Such services are provided by IMMIGRATION AGENCIES.
Also, the candidate can follow the path of employment from abroad by finding an employer directly, without the use of agencies.

Choosing the path of going with an employer directly can look like this:

  • Candidate finds a company which hires from abroad

  • Sends his CV

  • Takes language exam

  • Applies for Skilled Worker Visa

But I repeat that recruiting agencies without the adjective "immigration" have no right to employ you if you are abroad.

Just recently, a person wrote to us on our Instagram. We were asked to confirm whether such a consultant as Alexander Druzhkin works with us.
(the name was changed for reasons of confidentiality and correctness in relation to the person, who appealed to us)
This pseudo-consultant pretending to work for Ignite Recruitment forwarded one of the jobs, which was posted on our website and asked for an advance payment of 300 euros for the job.
He guaranteed help in opening the visa, but also sent her false documents under a completely different name, stamped by our company, and signed by the director of Ignite.
The person thought it was odd that we didn't have a recruiter with that first and last name on our site and decided to ask back on social media if it was true that this consultant worked for us.

That's where the ethics of recruiting agencies came into play:

  • Transparency in service delivery, specifically specifics about what the agency can and cannot do for the job seeker

  • Avoidance of any action that may harm the job seeker and the safety of his or her employment process

  • A categorical prohibition on charging applicants for their employment!

Read that paragraph again.


Naturally, after discussing the situation in a personal dialogue with this person, moreover via video chat, it became clear that such a text should be written as a manifesto and a little introductory guide for those candidates who do not want to be deceived and to understand how things are in the employment market in Britain.

So why do agencies like Ignite Recruitment exist?

It's very simple.

The staffing market is large, and the need for qualified employees has always been, is and will always be a priority for fast-growing companies.
And since the hiring process takes some time, especially for annual contracts, companies may prefer not to spend that time searching for a candidate.
After all, this process can sometimes last for months.
Ignite Recruitment Services helps reduce the cost of searches, interviews and other processes that company owners simply don't want to think about.

So that's a longread but we hope it will help you draw a picture for yourself of what these agencies are and why they exist.
And finally, to put an end to the issue of transparency and trust between the potential job seeker and the agency, we want to share our tip:

"How not to become a victim of a scammer posing as a recruiting consultant."

  • Email

  • Check the agencies' social media

  • Call the numbers listed on the agencies' website

Don't be afraid to do it.

It's your money, your security, and your confidence.
No scammer will show his face to you and will not tell you their real name.
Just go to our website and click on the "Meet Team" link and you will see who we are in reality.

Thank you for taking the time to finish reading this article.
But now you'll know some more of what you need to know about recruitment agencies and that makes us a little happier, because now you've gotten to know us even better.
Have a great day and a great day.
And successful employment.

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