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Emily Chalk

Financial Assistant

Emily Chalk

About Emily

My favourite part about working in construction recruitment is meeting new people and making friendships with clients and candidates. 🤗

This industry has taught me how to adapt and grow myself as a person. I handle a wide range of responsibilities including invoicing, timely collection, and distribution of timesheets. With utmost dedication, I ensure accurate and punctual payment for over 150 candidates, while maintaining strong communication with clients and efficiently resolving any challenges that arise. Count on me to consistently deliver swift and reliable support, keeping operations running smoothly and stakeholders satisfied. 🤟🏻

Ignite has opened up great opportunities for me and coached me on how to do what is right and take charge! I enjoy developing my skills and feel Ignite are the best company to help me do this! 🔥

Ignite in three words:

"Supportive, Engaging, Rewarding"

How would you describe yourself in 1 word?


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