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​White-collar workers are often found in office settings.
As the name implies, they are generally suit-and-tie workers who wear white-collared shirts.
Their jobs may involve working at a desk in clerical, administrative, or management settings.
Unlike blue-collar workers, white-collar workers don't have physically taxing jobs.

Neil Bokhoory

Principal Consultant

​So, this is awkward… but ill give it a go. I am an experienced recruiter, in fact ill tell you how experienced I am. I was in the days of using fax machines, to fax CV’s over. Yeah, I look young but I’m a seasoned pro and have been through the old school and now into new school. If I had to compare my career to someone it would be Roger Federer, although I’m not retired yet. Everybody loves Roger and who wouldn’t want to work with Roger? 🤔So, if you work with me, you will get years of experience and understanding of what clients and candidates want and not being a sales robot.This has mad...

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Rohid Rahman

Delivery Consultant

As an expertise and success-driven professional I’m identifying and successfully placing top-tier Bench Joiners, Gas Engineers, and Document Controllers within the ever-evolving Construction Industry. My commitment to excellence and an understanding of client needs consistently brings impactful placements.As a dynamic professional, I employ a strategic and consultative approach. I provide tailored solutions for highly demanding clients in plumbing, gas engineering, and bench joinery. My dedication ensures that both client requirements and candidate aspirations are met seamlessly.As I transi...

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